Reed Cagle

Colorado Springs,CO

About Reed Cagle

Reed Cagle is a mining magnate with a penchant for thrills. When it comes to extracting valuable metals, he has developed a unique and precise procedure. The liquid is cleaned and neutralized of any harmful elements before being carefully separated from the metals. This allows him to extract the maximum amount of gold, silver, and platinum without causing any damage to the environment.

He started in the American and South American mining industries in 2011. He quickly made a name for himself by buying a mining property in Oregon that contained more than 89,000 ounces of gold.

Although he has contributed to the funding and ongoing management of a copper and gold processing facility in Copiapo, Chile, Reed's real passion is mining. He created a unique method to remove and neutralize hazardous material from liquids while recovering valuable metals as a result of his experience in mining. The mining industry might apply this technology everywhere, as in Copiapo. According to Mr. Cagle, this discovery will help mining operations worldwide become more environmentally friendly and profitable.

Currently, Reed Cagle resides in Plano, Texas, where he provides advisory services to nearby independent midsize energy and oil enterprises. In addition to this, he enjoys counseling for many industries. He currently consults with a sizable landscaping business that covers East and Central Texas and his clients in the gas and oil industries.

Reed is a renaissance man. In his spare time, he enjoys doing many different things. He loves being outside and fly fishing as much as hunting. He frequently rides a bike and is a strong proponent of cycling for adults and children. Cycling is one way Reed stays in shape to pursue his other passion - flying. Reed has a private pilot's certificate and loves to fly!

Mr. Cagle is a kind and gentle man who loves spending time with his family and friends. He is passionate about the great outdoors and often finds himself fishing or golfing. He actively participates in his neighborhood church and frequently plans men's fellowship events. He also plays golf well and has a four handicap- he loves playing golf with his kid! Mr. Cagle supports many charity golf competitions as well.

Reed is the founder and chief executive of Outreaches, a Christian nonprofit organization that operates abroad and in Texas and Colorado. Outreach has contributed money and constructed homes, churches, schools, food banks, and medical facilities in South America. The Chip-In charity golf outing serves as another source of funding for Outreach.

Charles Reed Cagle is a resourceful person with more than 35 years of experience in the oil business. Reed has been married for over 30 years, and family is prioritized. He can deal with companies inside and beyond the oil industry through his current consultancy employment. Reed loves spending time outdoors camping and fishing with his wife and children.

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